Mitsotakis blasts Greek government over Rouvikonas invasion of Parliament

Opposition leader says his government will let police do its job

Leader of major Greek opposition party New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis blasted the Greek government over its stance towards the group “Rouvikonas” which stormed the Greek parliament courtyard. “The only order police were given lately was to act as taxi drivers for Rouvikonas. We will let the force do its job”, Mr. Mitsotakis tweeted, commenting on the fact that Greek police cars drove the members of the anarchists group to the precinct before reeling them without pressing any charges.



Wednesday members of the anarchist group “Rouvikonas” invaded the courtyard of the Greek parliament protesting over the matter of an activists sentenced to prison naked Irianna. About members of the group caught police by surprise and ran into the courtyard before unfurling a banner at the back entrance of the Greek parliament. While police initially arrested some of the protesters, they released them following the intervention of the President of the Greek parliament Nikos Voutsis and the Minister for Citizens’ Protection, Nikos Toskas, according to reports.