Mitsotakis: Isolate extremist elements – I understand the islanders’ difficulties

“Isolate all extremist elements, far-right, far-left, suspicious NGOs”

The islanders themselves should also protect their country from extremists of all kinds, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated during a Thursday cabinet meeting, while pointing out that the government’s main objective is to tackle the difficulties faced by the islanders.

“I totally understand what’s happening on the islands”, Mr Mitsotakis said. “We are here to deal with all the difficulties of the islanders. But they too are called upon to safeguard peace in their own land. Isolate all extremist elements, far-right, far-left, suspicious NGOs”.

The Prime Minister’s reference to immigration at the cabinet meeting also shows the context in which he is expected to move to a meeting with representatives of the local Aegean islands on Thursday afternoon.

The meeting is another step towards easing the tension created over the last days on the islands as a result of the government’s decision to build new hot spots for illegal immigrants and refugees. Mr. Mitsotakis pointed out that the government’s plan will go ahead.

The government insists that the meeting with the island’s mayors does not signal any sort of change in its plans. The Prime Minister intends to ask them to assume their part of the responsibility, explaining to them the government’s plan and their intention to take the next steps.