Mitsotakis on Thema Radio 104.6: I want a strong mandate

The head of ND called on citizens to show up and vote on election day

In an interview to Thema Radio 104.6 and journalist Giannis Pretenteris, the President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mistotakis laid out his party’s program, while calling on the citizens to cast their ballots en masse in the upcoming July 7 national elections.
On the cancellation of the debate, Mr. Mitsotakis clarified that from the outset he wanted to reach an agreement. “We proposed three dates and proposed new dates when Mr. Tsipras disagreed. I do not know what happened”, he said.

Commenting on the national elections, he stressed that “mass participation” by the electorate was a must.
“A strong mandate is not a given. Because the dynamics of the elections might be determined by a few votes, what party will enter the House or fail, which is a decisive issue for the absolute majority”.

Remarking on the composition of his cabinet, he pointed out that “I will form the best possible government. Political candidates from other walks of life might be utilised without parliamentary consent”.

Mr. Mitsotakis attacked SYRIZA, accusing the leftist party of adopting excessive and aggressive rhetoric.

Referring to the ND program, he said it had been completely estimated repeating his pledge of tax cuts from 2020 onwards, adding that more alleviation could be achieved even in the running fiscal year.