Mitsotakis says he has a clear vision for Greece’s future

ND leader schedule for press conference at 1pm

Major opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he envisioned a Greece with “true liberty, and genuine solidarity”, from Thessaloniki were he is scheduled to respond to the media at 1pm in the framework of the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

Mr. Mitsotakis outlined what his government’s top priorities would be once New Democracy (ND) assumed power. The only remark president of ND reserved for the SYRIZA-led coalition was “step aside”, opting to avoid criticising it for its failings. Instead he selected to adopt a positive narrative, presenting his plans for the future of the country, during his 70-minute speech at the Velidion convention centre. “To change the climate in the economy political change alone does not suffice”, he said.

Mr. Mitsotakis went on to underline that the bill for the reorganisation of the new government and change in the public administration sector was ready to be voted in once his party assumed office. The second bill he focused on regarded the introduction of bold tax reforms, which demanded a dedicated and coordinated government to realise. This plan included among other things,
-a tax reduction from 29% to 20% for businesses,
-the extra ordinary property tax (ENFIA) would be slashed by 30% in two years,
-a 5% cut in dividend tax.
Mr. Mitsotakis also vowed to speed up the privatisation process, while pushing forward with emblematic investments such as the mining one in Skouries, Chalkidiki -an investment which caused global media coverage after Canadian Eldorado Gold decided to suspend its operations- as well as the investment in the former airport of Hellinikon in Attica which has been delayed.