Mitsotakis: Greeks will vote for great political change on Sunday’s elections

The leader of ND blasted Tsipras over his government’s tolerance of anarchist group Rouvikonas

The President of major opposition party New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the citizens’ vote on Sunday’s elections was a chance for “great political change”.

Speaking to New 24/7 Radio, Mr. Mitsotakis commented on the attack by anarchist group Rouvikonas on the Greek Parliament, saying such acts were committed with the complete tolerance of the government. “I remind you that in the first attack the House President had sent them to their house by taxi.”

“The only way that there will be great political change is for ND to come out strong,” Mitsotakis underlines during his interview, adding that “political conclusions will be drawn from the European elections, the regional and municipal elections”.

“My goal is to unite all the Greeks”, he stressed, accusing the government of spreading division by adopting the message “either then or us”.
“I would like the make my message as clear as possible, so that there is no doubt that there will be political change on the evening of May 26”, reminding that it was PM Tsipras that had claimed the European elections were a vote of confidence in his government.

Responding to the Tsipra dilemma that elections are a vote of confidence or rejection of the measures, the ND president argued that the dilemma is “whether it will be a vote of hope or a vote of fear.”

Mr Mitsotakis clarified that his administration would support those in need of an economy that produces wealth of 4% and not 2%, instead of overtaxing. He stressed that the 13th pension was not real in the sense that it was only a pre-election handout to low-earning pensioners. He added the ND wanted the economy to be able to support those in need on in a permanent way.

Regarding the economic program of ND, he said, among other things, that “we are committed to moving forward with a tax reduction program, a 30% reduction in the unified property tax (ENFIA), a cut in the introductory coefficient of taxation for income of up to 10,000.
“Our goal is not only to give back to the middle class, some of what Mr. Tsipras has taken from them, but also for there to be a growth aspect”, Mr. Mitsotakis said.