Moscow accuses Washington of “unjustifiable interference” in FYROM’s domestic affairs

FYROM’s citizens voted against the Prespes agreement


The Russian Foreign Ministry has some tough words for American Assistant Secretary of State John Sullivan, the ministry accused the United States of anti-Russian rhetoric.

Sullivan visited Skopje on December 18 and said Russia tried to intervene in the domestic affairs of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in order to halt the country’s accession to NATO.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that the US is trying to justify its own “unjustifiable interference” in the “Republic of Macedonia’s” domestic affairs in order to legitimize the “the inadequate Prespa Agreement” that was created in order to lead another Balkans nation to join NATO.

Russia accused the US of doing the same thing in 2017, with Montenegro’s NATO accession and reminded the US of the “failed referendum” of September 30, when the majority of the FYROM’s people rejected the country’s accession to Euro-Atlantic institutions. It’s citizens voted against the Prespes agreement.

Source: Nick Kampouris/greekreporter