Mueller’s testimony was a major anti-climax

Will Democrats finally realize he won’t save them?

Democrats expected Russiagate fireworks from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited testimony on Capitol Hill, but were once again disappointed, witnessing only the last fizzles of a dying conspiracy theory.

Many in the media had massively hyped Mueller’s appearance, believing that his confident and clear testimony would make for must-watch television. Yet, when the messiah finally appeared, he struggled to answer questions, constantly asked committee members to repeat themselves – and bumbled through the answers he did give (which were not particularly interesting and shed little new light on the Russiagate debacle).

Watching the hearing was like watching paint dry – on a wall you’ve painted one-hundred times before. Democrats must finally be realizing that Mueller will never reveal himself to be the Trump-slaying superman they’d hoped for

Better things to do?

“It’s outside my purview,” “I can’t get into it,” “I refer again to the report.” Those were Robert Mueller’s go-to answers throughout Wednesday’s hearing, during which it was absolutely clear that he had no interest in being there.

Mueller appeared tired and groggy and showed little enthusiasm for answering a barrage of questions from the House Judiciary Committee – nor for entertaining any of the elaborate grandstanding coming from both sides of the aisle.

Of course, his reluctance was no surprise; the investigator had previously admitted he did not want to testify and believed that his 450-page report should have been regarded as his only testimony.

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