Mystery-flight of government aircraft from Venezuela to Athens (photo)

The pilot requested one hour for refueling but eventually stayed for about 4 hours

Under extreme secrecy and without having previously submitted a flight plan, a Venezuelan government aircraft with the number YV2486 landed on Saturday, March 2nd at “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport in Athens, according to a report by SKAI TV.

According to the report, the aircraft took off from Caracas, with its original destination being Margarita Island in the Caribbean.

According to information, the flight began on February 24, from Caracas. On the same day, the crew of the aircraft managed to land it in Portugal when the pilot said that unless a landing permit was given, the plane would fall as its fuel running out.

Two days later, according to the SKAI report, the aircraft allegedly landed in Geneva. Several European countries, however, refused to allow the aircraft to approach. Eventually on Saturday, March 2nd at 14:06′ at noon it landed in Athens. Initially, the pilot requested a one hour stop for refueling but eventually stayed in “Eleftherios Venizelos” for about 4 hours, from where it took off at 18:00′ in the afternoon.

The crew of the Venezuelan government aircraft allegedly informed the control tower in Athens that it was not an official government flight. It is a Falcon of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA, which is rated as “government airplane”.

Venezuelan opposition officials argue that the aircraft took off from Caracas the same day that the government of Nicholas Maduro was loaded with 8 tons of gold from the Central Bank of the country.

Serious questions, however, arise regarding the identity of the passengers of the mysterious flight from Venezuela, as the EU has imposed sanctions on many officials of the Maduro government and they are not allowed to enter European territory.