Nadal stopped Tsitsipas’ rollercoaster in the Rogers Cup final

The future looks bright for Tsitsipas!

Stefanos Tsitsipas bowed to the superiority of the amazing Rafael Nadal, who won 6-2, 7-6 the Greek tennis player in his final tournament in Toronto.

The Greek tennis player despite his defeat with his appearance especially in the 2nd set showed that truly the future looks bright for him.

The whole stadium sang “happy birthday” to Stefanos as he was being presented with the 2nd place cup.

The embarrassment in the face of the obvious, as he is not used to be at the center of such attention, but at the same time he was overwhelmed with joy.

“Thank you. I’ve had the week of my life. I’ve never received such a warm welcome, so thank you for that from my heart”, said Tsitsipas and added to the crowd crying “Thank you Stefan”.

“This cup means a lot to me. He is my first final on masters, thank you to those who helped me, the organizers and, of course, to congratulate Rafa. I want to say thank you to my sponsors, my team and the Muratoglou school for the help they offer me. See you in two years. Thank you, Toronto”.

“I want to congratulate Stefanos for this fantastic week he had. I want to tell you to keep working like this and the whole future is ahead of you” were the words of the Spaniard with the whole stadium applauding.