Naked woman takes a swim in the centre of Rome (video)

She jumped in the Piazza Colonna fountain

This is the moment a young woman strips down and goes swimming in a fountain in the heart of Rome completely naked, as Sun reports. The lady does a few laps of the Piazza Colonna fountain, which is located right next to the Italian parliament, before being asked to leave by police.


She gets out and gathers her belonging and smiles at police while she dresses. In footage caught by tourists, the woman strips down in full view of passers-by and climbs into the fountain a few yards away from the Italian prime minister’s official residence near Palazzo Chigi on June 19.

Local media report that the unidentified young woman was apparently a tourist and complained about a heatwave gripping the city before jumping in. Other reports suggest she was dared into doing the plunge.

Either way, the daring swimmer was able to slip past police and barriers that had been erected around the fountain. She then enjoyed a leisurely dip before one officer approached and threatened her with arrest if she failed to get out.

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