NASA cuts live stream, after alleged UFO sighting (photos)

The bizarre footage was varified as being taken on November 20

UFOs have been spotted near the International Space Station (ISS) during a NASA live stream, with one cosmonaut reportedly heard acknowledging the fleet, an alien life conspiracy theorist has claimed.

Self-proclaimed extraterrestrial life expert Scott Waring believes he has captured the moment a Russian ISS cosmonaut noticed a UFO trio appear on a NASA live stream. Waring took to his blog to speculate about the conversation with the iconic orbiting space station.

Waring wrote: “This is 100 percent proof NASA knows about alien craft buzzing around the ISS.”

The bizarre footage has been verified as taking place on Wednesday, November 20.

Waring said: “The uncloaked anomalies are filmed moving slowly upward in the ISS live feed.

“There is a conversation occurring which really starts bubbling after the alien craft appear.

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