NATO officer nearly strangles cab driver in Crete

Officer to face justice

A foreign military officer serving at the NATO base in Souda, Crete reportedly assaulted a taxi driver who was driving him to the NATO naval base.
The incident took place in Chania recently when the cab driver fell victim to an unprovoked attack by the officer, who suddenly grabbed the man by the neck and started squeezing his hands. Fearing for his safety and stunned under the pressure on his throat, the driver swerved the steering wheel causing the vehicle to end up in the opposite lane. After the car came to a halt another motorist came to the unfortunate driver’s aid following his cries for help. The officer was taken into custody after police officers arrived on the scene. The NATO officer will stand trial following the incident.

It is worth noting that similar incidents are a frequent phenomenon with high ranking NATO officers under the influence of alcohol or other substances.