NATO’s “Top Gun” is a Greek pilot (video)

Vassilis Kontopoulos was voted as the best warrior by 40 NATO colleagues

Flight Lieutenant Vassilis Kontopoulos from the 337 Squadron of the 110th Wing Battalion in Larissa was voted by his NATO colleagues as the best pilot at the Albacete TLP in Spain.
The Greek pilot, speaking to Alpha TV, said: “We went in order to learn. We did not go out to show or impress them.”
The Greek pilot was voted by 40 of his NATO colleagues, who participated in this TLP air training series, as “Best Warrior,” that is, the person they would most want to lead them into battle.

The Greek contingent from the 337 Squadron consisted of 4 F-16 Blocks 52+ and was stationed in Spain for more than two weeks taking part in the first Tier-2 Leadership Program (TLP) air training series at the Loos Alamos Air Base in Albacete, Spain. The TLP ended concluded on March 1.