ND extends lead against SYRIZA in latest poll

ND has opened up a 9.5 point gap

Main opposition party New Democracy (ND) has extended the gap from ruling SYRIZA, according to the latest poll conducted by Pulse, the results of which were presented on Skai TV’s main news bulletin, Thursday night.
The poll showed ND’s lead reached 9.5 percentage points, compared with 9 points a month earlier in a poll by the same company.

ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis was once more ahead of Prime Minister in the question “who is more appropriate as PM”, with 36% against 25% of Alexis Tsipras.

New Democracy records a 9.5 percentage point lead, with 31.5% (31% in November) of the respondents saying they would vote for ND, against 22% (21%) ego chose SYRIZA. Following were extreme right Golden Dawn and the Movement for Change KINAL) with 6.5% respectively (7.5% and 7% in November), and ΚΚΕ with 5,5% (6%).

After reducing the data based on valid ballots, the percentages of the parties are as follows: ND 33.5%, SYRIZA 23% (10.5% difference), Golden Dawn and Movement for Change (KINAL) 7%, KKE 6%. No other party achieved the threshold of entry into the House.