ND extends lead against SYRIZA in latest poll to double-digit

Over 50% of those asked said they preferred a ND government

Major opposition party New Democracy holds a significant lead against ruling SYRIZA, according to the latest poll conducted by Marc for Ant-1 TV.

The findings of the new survey aired on ANT-1 TV’s Monday night;y news bulletin, revealed that ND had amassed a 10.5% lead against SYRIZA in the question of who the respondents intended to vote for in the upcoming national elections of July 7.
ND received 35.1%, compared to SYRIZA’s 24.4%, with JINAL (6.8%) following in third spot, while KKE (5.1%), DiEM25 (3.5%), Golden Dawn (3.3%), Greek Solution (3.3%) followed.

Based on the findings, Marc projected ND would win 156 seats in Parliament, followed by SYRIZA with 75, KINAL with 22, KKE with 16, DiEM25 with 11, Golden Dawn with 10 and Greek Solution with 10.

An important finding the data revealed is that that over half of the respondents wanted ND to become the next government regardless of political afflictions.