ND: Government should stop playing ‘media stunts’ and repeal TV law

Major opposition party reacts to leaks that government would propose NCRTV head, ND could not reject

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) called on the government to refrain from using “publicity tricks”, following rumours leaked by officials that the government was considering replacing the head of the National Council of Radio and Television (NCRTV) with a figure ND could not object to. ND released a statement warning the government to quit playing media stunts by leaking such information and immediately proceed with the scrapping of the Pappas Law, as the TV license tender law has come to be known by its author, State Minister Nikos Pappas. The statement says the government should repeal the Law, which was ruled unconstitutional by the country’s supreme administrative court, the Council of State (CoS) on Wednesday, and follow the provisions in the Greek Constitution so that the new NCRTV can be formed.