ND on course for absolute majority, the latest polls show

ND lead ranges from 8 to 11 points

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) is set to gain an absolute majority, according to the latest two polls published on Thursday.

Both Pulse’s poll for Skai TV’s nightly news bulletin and Interview’s for Vergina Television revealed ND held a large lead against SYRIZA.
Pulse projected ND would secure between 155-159 seats in the House out of a total of 300, as the conservative party was forecast to win by 8 points in Sunday’s national elections.
In particular:
ND: 36% (35%) SYRIZA: 28% (27.5%) KINAL: 7% (6.5%) KKE: 5% (5%) Golden Dawn: 4% (4%) Greek Solution: 3% (3%) DiEM25: 3% (3%)

In the second poll conducted by pollsters Interview, ND is projected to win 160 seats.
The percentage of victory is expected to range between 32.7% and 38.7%
According to the nationwide poll, the difference between SYRIZA and ND stands at 11.5%, with SYRIZA receiving 22.4% and ND 33.9%.