ND opens 18-point lead over SYRIZA in MARC poll for Proto Thema

PM Mitsotakis enjoys a high approval

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his government continue to be politically dominant, with high credibility marks and strong support from wider sections of the public, according to Marc’s new poll published in the Sunday edition of Proto Thema.

Ruling New Democracy (ND) leads by 18 percentage points against major opposition party SYIZA, expanding its influence beyond the traditional centre-right. SYRIZA is still suffering from the throes of losing power as it is trying to find its footing and convince the electorate about its “unclear” positions, including the voters who backed it on the on July 7th general elections.

The PM appears to enjoy a positive reception by a large portion of the electorate, with his positive influence in public opinion reaching from 60% to 70%.

An impressive finding is that 81.4% of the respondents believed Mr. Mitsotakis would uphold his promises.

To the question “What is your opinion about Mr. Mitsotakis today compared to before”, 48.2% answered “better” and 20% said “the same positive”, which means that 68.2% (almost 7 out of ten) sees the prime minister in a positive light.