ND touches absolute majority in latest poll

The major party reaches nearly 40%

According to pollsters Opinion Poll, New Democracy seems to be securing an absolute majority conquer as their latest survey shows the main opposition party leading by double-digits against ruling SYRIZA. ND is approaching 40% of the vote.

On the question of who the people intended to vote in the July 7 national elections, ND received 34.5%, SYRIZA 23.3, KINAL 5.1%, KKE 3.8%, Greek Solution of Mr. Velopoulos 3.2% Varoufakis’s DiEM25 3%, while Golden Dawn collapsed to 1.8%.

The undecided voters are between 12-13%.

Based on the undecided votes and the recent European Elections ballot allocation, the pollsters project ND will reach 39.8%, SYRIZA 27%, KINAL 6.4%, KKE 4.6%, DiEM25 4.1%, Greek Solution 3.6%, while Golden Dawn 3.3%

On the quesy=tion of who the voters believed would win the elections, ND holds a substantial lead against SYRIZA, nearly 85% predict their victory, as opposed to only 9.1% who believed SYRIZA would win.

On who was most suitable for PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis led PM Alexis Tsipras with 36% of the respondents saying he was best for the job, compared to24.7% who favoured Alexis Tsipras.

The degree of satisfaction with government policy reached 26.5%, while that of ND’s performance stood at 37.3%.