Netflix’s “The Witcher” may feature “The Hobbit” star Graham McTavish (video)

The actor released a video of his casting

Season two of Netflix’s fantasy series “The Witcher”, starring Henry Cavill, begins in less than one month. The first season was a huge success for the network. Although it is very hard to reveal any details about season two, an online community called Redanian Intelligence uncovered actor Graham McTavish (well known for his roles in The Hobbit, Outlander, Preacher and Lucifer among many others), is among those being cast for a role. The actor shared a video of him reading for a character called “David”. Much like the casting of season one, The Witcher season two is casting characters under code names (David, naturally, is not a name befit of the Continent). For instance, in season one, the character Istredd was named “Isaac” in his audition script while Renfri became “Riley”. The “David” in question is, without question, our Redanian Spymaster (and it’s not just the first letter of his name that lines up).