New Britney Spears single released just hours after court gives her father control over her life & career

A new Britney Spears single has been released just hours after a court declined to remove her father from her 12-year-long conservatorship

Spears was dealt a significant blow on Tuesday (10 November) when judge Brenda Penny declined to suspend Jamie Spears from the complex legal arrangement she has been embroiled in since her public mental health crisis in 2007.

Now, Urban Outfitters has announced that it is launching a previously-unreleased Britney Spears track into the world on vinyl – and it’s safe to say that fans are uneasy.

Calls to “Free Britney” have reached a fever pitch in recent months, with fans across the world coming together to fight for the singer to be released from the complex conservatorship, which allows her father to control various aspects of her career and personal life.

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So when Urban Outfitters announced that it was releasing “Swimming in the Stars”, an unreleased track from her 2016 album Glory, fans were torn.

While many were eager to hear anything new from the iconic pop star, others were conflicted about supporting the new release when Britney has made it clear that she will not be pursuing a music career as long as her father has a role in her conservatorship.

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