New Democracy leads SYRIZA by 10 points, latest poll by Rass shows

Movement of Change party comes a strong third

Major Greek opposition party New Democracy (ND) maintains a substantial 10-point lead over SYRIZA, according to the latest poll conducted by Rass on behalf of TV station Action24. The conservative ND party was favoured by 29.4% of the respondents, in terms of which party they intended to vote, compared to 19.2% who said they would vote for SYRIZA. The recently Movement of Change party (a collation of centre-left parties) emerged as the third preference of those asked, as it garnered 10.2% share, followed by extreme right Golden Dawn with 7.2% and the communist party (KKE) with 6.3%. ANEL (Independent Greeks), the junior coalition party in the Greek government, failed to reach the 3% threshold necessary to enter parliament, as it only managed 2.5%.

On the question of the popularity of the political leaders, Kyriakos Mitsotakis with 41.4% positive opinions and 47.2% negative, while Fofi Gennimata came in second with 36.7% positive opinions and 44.7% negative. Greek PM Alexis Tsipras had 67.3% negative opinions and only 24.7 positive opinions by those polled.