New Democracy set to secure absolute majority regardless of House make-up, MRB poll shows

Mitsotakis is more suitable to become Prime Minister, the findings show

With seven days remaining until the national elections of 7 July, pollsters MRB estimate opposition party New Democracy (ND) is very close not only to victory but also to reaching absolute majority.

In a survey published in the newspaper “Ta Nea”, ND is predicted to secure an absolute majority in parliament in all scenarios and regardless of the number of parties that enter the House.
According to the findings, in all post-election scenarios for the next parliamentary make-up, ND secures an absolute parliamentary majority, with seats ranging from 155 to 163 respectively.

The MRB data in more detail shows:

New Democracy (ND) 35.4% to 40.4%

SYRIZA 26.5% with 31.5%

KINAL. 6.4% with 9.8%

KKE 3.7% to 6.3%

Golden Dawn 2.6% to 5%

Greek solution 2.5% to 4.8%

DiEM25 2.2% with 4.4%

Union of Centrists 1.4% to 3.2%

In terms of which party is projected to win, ND received 79.6% against 9.9% of SYRIZA, while 30.8% of the respondents replied that they wanted MD to win by absolute majority. Moreover, 15.9% said that the ideal outcome would be a coalition government with ND at the head.
Finally, 35.9% of the respondents believe ND president Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the most suitable candidate to become Prime Minister, compared to 29% who chose Alexis Tsipras.