New government and PM Mitsotakis’s approval high across party lines, MARC survey shows

The survey was done for Proto Thema

The new Greek government and PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis are enjoying high approval ratings across the political spectrum, according to a survey conducted by MARC for Proto Thema.

The first moves by the government were welcomed not only by ND voters but also by supporters of other parties, while Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis enjoys a popularity that goes beyond the limits of his party.

The most striking element of the survey, completed shortly before Mr Mitsotakis’s arrival at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), is that the first reception of the new government’s actions were judged “positive” and “rather positive” by 71.4% of respondents . Only 26.4% describe them as ‘negative’ and ‘rather negative’. The remarkable thing is that the government has gained the favourable opinion of voters from other parties with its initial moves.

Specifically, 41.4% of those who voted for SYRIZA, 85.3% of those who preferred KINAL, 42.1% of KKE supporters, 84.4% of the Greek solution and 42.9% of DiEM25’s electoral base approved of the government.

In comparison to the respondents’ expectations before the elections, 42.1% said the government started “better than I expected”, 47.8% “as expected”, while just 7, 6% say “worse”.