New poll: New Democracy leads with 13.5 points

Kyriakos Mitsotakis leads as more suitable for Prime Minister with 18 points to Alexis Tsipras

New Democracy maintains a stable lead over SYRIZA, with small fluctuations over time in the difference between them, which today reaches 13.5 percentage points, according to a poll by Pulse for SKAI.

In particular, in the intention to vote with reduction on the valid ones, ND gathers 38%, SYRIZA 24.5%, KINAL 7%, KKE 6%, Hellenic Solution 4.5% and MERA25 is at 3%.

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In the intention to vote without reduction, ND’s lead is at 12.5 points, with ND at 36%, SYRIZA at 23.5%, KINAL at 6.5%, the KKE at 5, 5%, the Hellenic Solution at 4% and the MERA25 at 3%.

Similar results are found in the answers of the question about the most suitable for Prime Minister with Kyriakos Mitsotakis being at 44%, eighteen points ahead of Alexis Tsipras who is at 26%.