New Turkish provocation: If needed we will repeat 1974 in Cyprus!

The Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar confirms once again the destabilizing of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean


Apparently, there is no limit to the Turkish provocations. Erdogan’s government officials continue with their threats and inflammatory statements against Greece and Cyprus.

“We are in the same spot as we were in 1974 in Cyprus. Whatever needed to be done that day, no one doubts that it will not do the same today”, the Turkish defense minister Hulusi Akar said at a ceremony for the promotion of senior military personnel.

Hulusi Akar reiterated that Turkey is determined to continue its activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and Cyprus.

“We will never give up our rights and interests here, we will not take a step back, we have declared it to the whole world … No one should test our strength and power”, the Turkish Minister of Defense said.