Next-Gen HAMR Platters Promise 80TB Hard Drives

We’re about to get 20 terabyte hard drives, but the path looks clear to scale up to 80TB

As the world’s demand for storage continues to grow, so does the need to find the next storage density breakthrough. It looks like one just happened, though, and it paves the way to 80TB hard drives.

As AnandTech reports, Japanese company Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) is the world’s largest manufacturer of hard drive platters, which are the disks stacked inside each drive to store the data. This week SDK announced it had improved upon Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology to allow for next-generation hard drives.

HAMR works by temporarily heating the disk material making it more receptive to magnetic effects, in turn that allows the writing of data to smaller regions and therefore increases the data density per platter. Later this year Seagate will start shipping 20TB hard drives that use HAMR technology, but SDK is going far beyond that with the promise of its HAMR platters allowing for up to 80TB drives.

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