No-confidence motion debate in Greek parliament

The Greek government will most likely survive

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras accused Mr Mitsotakis of cultivating a climate of polarisation which would lead the moderate and centre-right to shift towards the hard right.
The Greek PM defended his choice to call for a no-confidence notion, while said Mr Mitsotakis was incapable of accepting the new reality in regards to the progress of the Macedonian issue, saying he had accepted the compound-name in the past, as expressed by former PM Kostas Karamanlis at the Bucharest NATO meeting in 2008.


“Today we are witnessing the last act of a low comedy. And 3-pronged parliamentary maneuver: For Mr. Tsipras to hang onto power a bit more. To pave the way for the damaging Prespes Agreement. And to keep ANEL’s formation alive “, the President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in the opening part of his speech in Parliament.


The leader of ND said that those who voted in favour of the government were backing a “shipwreck” that resulted in the economic disaster the country is going through.

The debate of a no-confidence motion against the Greek government is entering its final stage in the parliamentary plenum, as the leaders of the parties are taking the podium for their final speeches before the assembly.
So far it seems SYRIZA’s political maneuvering and machinations to secure the necessary 6 votes (it has 145 MPs) to overcome the motion has paid off.
As things stand now, the following MPs have said they would back the government: Elena Kountoura, Vassilis Kokkalis, Thanasis Papachristopoulos, Kostas Zouraris, Katerina Papakostas (all from ANEL) and Spyros Danellis from the River party (Potami).
However, Kokkalis and Zouraris said they would not vote for the Prespes Agreement which is expected to come for ratification in the Greek parliament next week.
Immediately after the speeches of the party leaders (estimated to have finished 22:30 – 23:00 hours), the voting procedure will commence. The process will be via the raising of a hand by a roll-call.