North Korea claims that the US is spraying countries with Ebola!

Kim Jong-un’s propaganda has no boundaries

The answer for the rapid spread of Ebola has been…discovered by North Korea: The United States are “spraying” the Ebola virus and even decided to carry out this big biological experiment in Africa!

This incredible conclusion was drawn by partners of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and decided it was wise to broadcast it by state KCNA tv station in North Korea so that all of North Korea’s citizens can be “Educated” and “Enlightened”.

According to the broadcast, it is “time for the US to be put before their responsibilities and to be judged the constant rights violations against humanity”.

It should be reminded that North Korea was one of the first countries to take hard measures against the virus. It closed its borders to all visitors and put anyone entering North Korean territory through quarantine.

According to reports, the broadcast stated that during Ronal Reagan’s administration, the US had found a “predecessor” to the Ebola virus in order to “Begin a biological war”.

As for the source of the conspiracy theory? KCNA stated that it was an American, with the last name “Rogers”.