Norwegians choose Greece for their holidays, survey shows

Crete is their top preference

According to the international travel agency Apollo, Greece is becoming a favorite destination for Norwegians.

Specifically, 54% of Norwegians surveyed said they would like to travel to Greece for this year’s holiday. Croatia came in the second spot. Almost 85% of the 1,500 Norwegians surveyed said they wanted to enjoy the sun and swim in the sea, as the main motivation for a vacation.

Among the popular destinations is Parga, which is ranked in the top three of preferences, while the island of Crete held the top spot.

The results from the research are the following: 1) Crete, 2) Rhodes, 3) Parga, 4) Croatia, 5) Zakynthos.

In the survey, the majority of respondents said they want to vacation in an apartment or a small, family-run hotel rather than a large international chain because they want to financially support the local economies.

Although almost 80% of the participants stated that they have not booked their vacation, 70% are already in the process of booking.

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