Nudity or seduction? (photos)

Semka Semenchenko is choosing to show less bare skin

It is no secret that nudity sells. It has always sold since the beginning of history.
And since the advent of popular online social media platforms, like Instagram it has become increasingly easy for those aiming to get exposed -literally and metaphorically- to put their assets out there.

It has become the basic marketing tool for most influencers and the largest attraction for those wanting to boost the number of their followers, and thus possible financial endorsements.
There are, however, those who follow their own path. That of modesty. Where they count more on their seductive beauty and alluring presence, without showing that much bare skin.
That is exactly what Semka Semenchenko does, who invites you to her profile without provoking. What do you say, could she start a new trend with less nudity?