Number of girls in Norway up for sex change “explodes”

Previously, men and boys used to be more keen on changing their sex

The number of young girls who are up for sex change has exploded over the past decade, and many of those who came out as trans have been getting second thoughts, the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK reported.

This marks a change of pattern in the transgender community. Previously, men and boys used to be more keen on changing their sex, but now the tables have turned. In 2012, only 11 girls were referred to the National Hospital for gender reassignment. By 2018, their number had risen to 154.

This phenomenon was also witnessed in Norway’s neighbouring countries Sweden and Finland, as well as in other Western nations, such as the Netherlands, the UK and the US; it has left doctors scratching their heads.

“We have no idea why this is happening,” Anne Wæhre, senior physician at the National Hospital told NRK.

According to Wæhre, the patients can be divided into several categories. Some have rejected their biological gender since childhood and adolescence. Of those who experience discomfort with their gender as teenagers, more than half struggle with serious mental disorders, she stressed. Additionally, an increasing number of patients are placed somewhere on the autism spectrum. However, another group has been rising in numbers in recent years.

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