Outrage erupts as twins feed homeless man sushi to win an iPhone (video)

The twins from Russia gained influencer status by posting racy photos

A pair of social media influencer twins have sparked outrage after posting a video of themselves feeding sushi to a homeless man to try and win an iPhone.

The latest Instagram offering from Russian twins Adelya and Alina Fakhteeva, 24, depicts the pair in a video for the Russian ‘We Care’ competition, which asked people to film good deeds in order to win prizes.

The competition offers prizes such as iPhones, Playstations 4s and other expensive gadgets.

The twins – who gained influencer status by posting racy pictures of themselves in private jets and luxury yachts – are seen walking down the street when they spot a wheelchair-ridden homeless man.

Somber piano music plays in the background as they turn to each other and say in Russian: ‘Poor thing, he probably hasn’t eaten for a long time.’

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