Overdue debts to Tax Office explode to over 2bln Euros in February!

Public Revenue Authority release data on Monday

According to data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), arrears to the tax office reached 2 billion euros in February. The new amount of overdue debts rose from 693 billion the previous month to 2.601 billion in February. AADE notes that the amount was accumulated by 1.9 million debtors, of which 26 account for 1 billion euros!
The total of outstanding (old and new) debts to the Greek state reached 104.21 billion euros. The state collected 941 million, leaving the pending receivable debt at 103.27 billion. Meanwhile, despite a fall in the number of debtors has dropped, seizures are on the rise. In February, the total number of debtors fell to 3,964,279 from 4,107,315 in January.