Pakistani caretaker unleashes pet-lion on worker demanding his wages

The man was charged with attempted murder

A caretaker of a religious site in Lahore, Pakistan has been charged with attempted murder after unleashing his pet lion on an electrician for demanding wages.
According to reports from local, the attack occurred on September 9 in the capital of Punjab province but a complaint against the man was formally filed in October.

The police report said electrician, the victim, Mohammad Rafique had refrained from filing any complaint against Ali Raza, the caretaker of the congregation hall Sada-e-Imam Hussain, as he had been promised proper treatment after the pet lion attacked him.

But when the owner of the beast refused to cover the victim’s medical treatment expenses caused by his pet, Rafique lodged the complaint, the police said.

Ali Raza had hired Mohammad Rafique for some work at the congregation hall. When Mohammad Rafique demanded the wages on the completion of the job, Ali Raza told him to come later.

“The caretaker kept delaying the payment. But when Mohammad Rafique persisted, Ali Raza got annoyed and unleashed his pet lion on him. The lion wounded his face and arm,” the police said.