Pakistani man torches wife because she left home without … permission

Latest outrageous incident of domestic violence from central Asia country

A Pakistani man and his father were arrested for torching the former’s wife, police announced on Sunday, saying the motive was the tragic woman’s departure from their home to visit her sister without permission.
The woman, identified as Shabana Bibi, 25, died from her injures. The alleged brute was identified as Muhammad Siddique.
The victim’s brother told authorities that his “brother-in-law” and the man’s father beat Bibi and then doused her with gasoline for lighting her on fire. The so-called “honor killing” occurred in central Pakistan’s Muzzaffargarh District.
Another underlying motive may have been the fact that the woman had not conceived in three years of marriage, brother Muhammed Azam said. Of course, it’s well known (in the west, at least) that in roughly half the cases of infertility the blame lies on the male.
The woman died in a hospital Saturday.