Passenger traffic at Greek airports up by 4.7% for 7-month period in 2019

A total of 35,525,166 passengers went through Greek airports during the first seven months in 2019

Passenger traffic in Greek airports was up by 4.7% reaching a total of 35,525,166 over the course of the first seven months in 2019, from 33,923,504 in the corresponding period last year, the Civil Aviation Authority reported, according to Athens News Agency.

The number of flights rose to 298,910 in the January-July period (of which 121,948 domestic and 176,962 international), a 4.7% rise in comparison to the respective period last year.

In the same period, the airports of Ioannina, Limnos and Nea Achialos recorded the highest percentage rise in passengers.

Overseas arrivals reached 4,099,875 in July, up 3.5% from 2018 which had 3,962,370 arrivals.