Pension cuts for 370,000 pensions exceeding 1,400 euros

Government leaves all options open concerning the social security reform

Greek Labour Ministry is being prepared for the negotiation talks with Greece’s lenders that are expected to take place in March leaving all options open concerning the social security reform.

Its aim is to save primary pensions, except high pensions, and try to find a compromise solution for the rest of the demands of ‘Quartet’ (national pension, supplementary pensions, replacement rates).

Government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili reiterated that protecting primary pensions is included in government’s ‘red line’ list clarifying Prime Minister’s statements made in an interview about government’s aims: the protection of the vast majority of pensions ranging from 600-1,200 euros and not cutting pensions of 1,400 euros.

If the protection threshold goes down at 1,400-1,500 euro (gross amount), cuts will apply to 100,000 primary pensions exceeding the threshold, as well as 370,000 pensions which exceed the limit in total (double primary pensions + widow pension+ supplementary).