Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour sells $21.5 million guitar collection and donates proceeds to fight global warming (photos)

Pink Floyd was always a socially aware group of individuals, and provided many scathing anti-establishment anthems

Popular music has been ubiquitous since before any of NewAtlas’ readers were born, and those who have created the soundtrack of our lives, have been anointed modern gods by their millions of followers.

Clapton, Cobain, Dylan, Harrison, Hendrix, Jagger, Jackson, Lennon, McCartney, Page, Richards, Van Halen … we all know at least something they sang, played or wrote. For some of us, it might be one or two tracks for each artist, but for many of us, with whom an artist resonated, their entire creative output.

Global wealth management practices have recently come to regard the purchase of culturally significant objects as a sound financial investment, and the tools of the trade of the guitar gods have risen in value at auction quite dramatically in recent years.

A few days ago, David Gilmour, one of most revered guitar players in history, auctioned his entire 125-guitar collection, donating the money to a cause he is passionate about – fighting global warming.

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