Plane with 191 passengers crashes in India – 14 killed, reports say (video)

According to reports, there are reports of 123 injured


According to the international media, there are 14 dead, among them both pilots, while there are reports of 123 injured.

An Air India Express plane flying from Dubai to Calicut with 191 passengers onboard has crashed into a valley after overshooting the runway at its destination.

Images circulating on social media show an aircraft ruptured into two parts laying in a valley near Calicut airport, in the Indian state of Kerala.

According to police reports, the pilot and one other individual were killed in the disaster. Another 35 people were injured in the crash.

According to local media, 15 ambulances attended the crash and have rushed the injured passengers and crew to nearby hospitals.

In a tweet, former Minister of State for Tourism said that though many passengers were injured, ‘all passengers evacuated’, and the only death he reported was of the pilot.