PM Mitsotakis asks Archbishop Ieronymos II for help to convince skeptical citizens to get vaccinated

The Archbishop agreed to help

The issue of the pandemic and the vaccination was the focus of talks between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Archbishop of Athens and Greece Ieronymos II in front of the television cameras, during their meeting at the Maximos Mansion on Wednesday.

The PM asked the Archbishop for the assistance of the Church in persuading those, especially the elderly, who had not yet been vaccinated to do so, to which the head of the Greek Church agreed.

“We hope the high temperatures will also help further reduce the coronavirus and its spread. As you know, we are in good condition, we have significantly reduced the cases, we have greatly accelerated the vaccinations”, Mitsotakis told Ieronymos.

He added: “But, as we have discussed several times, to convince our fellow citizens who are still suspicious of vaccines to rush to get vaccinated. This is especially true for our older fellow citizens, who are even more at risk if they get sick. It is really very sad when we see even today that we have hospital admissions, intensive care units, our fellow citizens losing their lives and almost all of them are unvaccinated, while they had the opportunity to be protected through the vaccine”.

“That is why I want to ask you once again for your encouragement and possibly through the sermons of the priests to the flock, so that those suspicious can take this additional step, to convince them that this is something that is not simply necessary for a return to our normal life, but it is basic self-protection for themselves and their families. You have done it many times in the past and I want to thank you, I will ask you to do it one more time”, he noted, addressing the Archbishop.

Ieronymos in his response said: “Yes. Look, it is our belief now that amid this great problem that we all face and are anxious about, the cooperation of the State with the Church and with science is necessary. Everything we hear many times that is unorthodox, science can not be opposed to religion, with our belief in this issue. So this is our basic principle and we have done it, and we will continue to do so, so that we can convince them on this matter. Only in this way can the wall be created that will protect us from any new variant that may arise. So we have no objection, we will do it again and as many times as needed.”

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