PM Mitsotakis holds private lunch with entrepreneurs for Chinese President Xi Jinping

The dinner signals an era of new relations with China

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotaks is holding a private lunch in honour of visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping with a list of 12 selected guests, as is in the position to know.

The Chinese and Greek delegations are scheduled to sign sixteen bilateral agreements of mutual interest in a number of fields.

The meal, which is taking place in Dionysus, in the Acropolis area, is clearly a symbolic but also a gesture, as the guests have not been chosen at random, signaling the investments and relations of the new era between Greece and China.

According to sources those invited are:

-Giorgos Prokopiou, shipowner
-Melina Travlou, ship owner
-Laskaridis Pavlos, ship owner
-Michalis Lebidakis, CEO and owner of Plastic of Crete
-Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, Entrepreneur and President of the Commission 2021
– Achilles Constantakopoulos, investment in Costa Navarino

The focus of interest in both countries is among other things in the fields of tourism, the shipping sector.