PM Mitsotakis meets with Archbishop Ieronymos

The PM said the relationship would be based on mutual respect and cooperation

The head of the Greek Church, Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece, Ieronymos, met with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a ceremonial visit at Maximos Mansion on Tuesday.

The meeting, which lasted 40 minutes, was conducted in an amicable atmosphere and the Prime Minister clarified to the Archbishop that his intentions, as had been stated in the past were to retain the current status quo in the Church-state relations. He said that there would, under no circumstances be any change to Article 3 or Article 13 of the Constitution and of course no interpretative circular. They both agreed to the need to immediately reopen the dialogue Committee between the Church and the State, which would aid in resolving any outstanding issues.
Mr. Mitsotakis told the Archbishop that the government and the state fully guaranteed the protection of the salary, insurance and retirement pensions of the priests and, in general, the employment rights of the clergy.
Mr. Mitsotakis emphasised the social role that the Church played throughout Greece, stressing in particular, its role in the last 10 years, during the crisis and its decisive contribution to maintaining social cohesion.
Mr. Mitsotakis said the Church was a key institution of the country, adding that he would aim to garner a relationship based on sincerity and mutual respect, as well as close co-operation.