PM Mitsotakis presents plan for electric mobility (video)

The speech is taking place at Gazi

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is currently speaking at the presentation of the program for the promotion of electric mobility in Greece.

The PM revealed that an island, which he did not divulge, would be used as a model for the use of exclusively electric vehicles.

The event, in the context of World Environment Day, takes is being held at Technopolis and will be followed by the signing of the Green Agreement for the Promotion of Electricity between ministries and agencies.

According to reports, a bill of the Ministry of Environment and Energy will provide, among other things, a subsidy for the acquisition of electric cars, tax incentives for companies and free parking.

The tax incentives for the acquisition or financial lease of electric vehicles will amount to 1,200 euros for individuals and 2,480 euros for corporate cars. The ministry’s goal is for electric cars to account for 30% of the car market by 2030.