PM Mitsotakis to outline new governance model in cabinet meeting

Ministry secretaries to be cut from 93 to 60

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to table a new model of governance during his first cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning.
According to government sources, every Minister will be handed a file containing a 6-month project schedule in their respective portfolios. The plan will outline in detail the specific goals to be achieved by December, as well as the evaluation process of the progress in each government policies.
Ministers and Deputy Ministers will not be permitted to take on as staff first and second-degree relatives, while spouses and children of government officials will be banned from entering into state contracts.
All cabinet members, extending to general and special secretaries of state sectors will not be allowed to simultaneously exercise any professional and business activities while holding public office.
The number of general secretaries in Ministries will be reduced from 93 to 60, while the number of provisional civil servants cabinet members will be allowed to appoint will also be drastically decreased.

Sources say that the issues of safety and security will be at the top of the agenda.