PM Tsipras constructs his party’s cohesion

The government turns its attentions to the interior and the inner workings of SYRIZA

The government turns  its attention to the interior, as it is there where it will need to focus in order to secure the continuation of its diplomatic moves.


The government believes that the agreement with the EU will allow it to implement its election promises in order to enforce social cohesion and alliances and in order to contain any escapist notions from the party’s left wing. To make SYRIZA the magnetizing center for forces of the center-left and to force ND into seclusion.


In this framework, the basic election promises that Alexis Tsipras  and his government committed to will have to be implemented. This will in turn verify if the implementation of positive measures leaves the Greek government any leeway and does not contradict the statements made prior to January 25th.


Whatever happens, the difficult process according to government sources, will begin after Monday, during the four months of extension when the tough negotiations on a new loan agreement will have to be discussed with European partners.