PM Tsipras intervenes in debate over sex change bill

Mr. Tsipras makes no comment on sex change at 15

The parliament is called upon to ensure the right of every person living in the country to self-determination, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed during his speech in the debate over the bill on the legal recognition of gender identity.
Despite his strong pro-individual identity rhetoric, the Greek PM avoided making any comments on the controversial article 3 that allows teenagers to change their sex as young as 15 years old.

The PM spoke of an “act of political bravery,” referring to the voting of the bill, saying “we have come under pressure to leave things unchanged”.
Mr. Tsipras spoke of “brave progressive initiatives” and stressed that no tradition, religion or family can force people to be left in the fringes.
He added that the big difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA is that “we are with the stigmatized, the oppressed.”

“The deniers of collective progress always resort to the defense of a certain order of things because” that’s how things are, “he noted, adding that collective progress of a society lied in the constant struggle to remove the consequences of this repugnant claim.