PM Tsipras lands in Skopje (video)

He is accompanied by a group of entrepreneurs

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras landed at the Skopje airport, a little after 10:30 am accompanied by 10 government Ministers and a group of entrepreneurs. Alexis Tsipras was greeted at the airport tarmac by the country’s Defence Minister Radmila Šekerinska and Economy Minister Dragan Tevdovski. Alexis Tsipras greeted journalists and entered his car headed for the presidential palace in Skopje. Seconds later, his partner Peristera Baziana entered the car.

“Greece and North Macedonia must be partners and allies.”, the Greek PM tweeted upon landing.

A sign with the country’s new name, “Republic of Northern Macedonia”, has been placed in the government building in the centre of capital Skopje, ahead of the visit of the Greek Prime Minister.
However, even the local media in Skopje are wondering if it will remain there after the end of the “Greek landing”, as local media are dubbing the Greek delegation’s arrival.

The Greek PM will also be accompanied by his wife Betty Baziana, while more than 140 business people are part of the delegation as they hope to explore new business opportunities and partnerships in the country.

In an effort to promote the visit and the benefits from the Prespa Agreement, PM Zeev told the French News Agency that the official visit would be an unprecedented chance for his country to receive large sums of investments.

He said Greek businesses had promised to invest over 500 million euros in the country in the energy sector, as well as other fields such as cement and agriculture.