PM Zaev now says he will implement Prespa Agreemnet in full

He called on Greece to do the same

North Macedonia PM Zoran Zaev backpedaled on his statement that his country would not implement the Prespa Agreement after the EU had blocked accession talks, saying on Wednesday that his country would fully implement the Prespa Agreement.

Speaking to the MIA News Agency he continued that he expected the same from the Greek side. According to the news agency’s telegram, the Prime Minister of North Macedonia responded today to questions from journalists at a press conference at the government building on the reform of the health sector in the implementation of the Prespa Agreement.

The MIA reported that Zaev said it is a natural and practical need to safeguard, nurture and implement the Prespa Agreement, which, he stressed, has allowed us to join NATO and, although disappointed by the EU, recommends that more serious guarantee for the start of accession negotiations.

“If Europe needs time, it will have it. If leaders need to debate, they will. If new methodologies are needed, they will be integrated. We are a strip of land within the EU. All around us are member states. There is no other alternative. We made brave decisions, regardless of political careers. We will join. NATO membership is finally complete. There are no dilemmas about it.”