Police arrests a 29-year-old for the parcel-bomb in former-PM Papademos!

He was carrying with him three(!) bags with explosives & equipment necessary for the manufacturing of bombs

A 29-year-old, who had previously been arrested and several times for participation in riots – and even sentenced to two years in prison – is, according to the police, the man who sent a parcel-bomb to the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble and to the former Greek Prime Minister Loukas Papademos on May.

A fingerprint found in the incendiary mechanism sent to Berlin was identified and was how the authorities identified the terrorist.

The 29-year-old lately had rented an apartment in the area of ​​Attica, using fake IDs and it is there that the police found him and arrested him.

According to information, the 29-year-old had two weapons on him.

The site where he was arrested has been put under the microscope of the Police forensic specialists in order to identify further fingerprints and genetic material while mobiles and computers are being investigated. The purpose is to identify the people the 29-year-old had contacts with and to clarify whether they were executing orders from others or whether others were involved in shipment of the parcel-bombs.

Investigations are also being carried out in a second home and in the next hours official announcements are expected from the police.

The 29-year-old holds a negative attitude, who is expected to be brought to the prosecutor, does not say anything to the police officers.

Although the 29-year-old’s name was not on the lists of terrorism suspects, the young man had been involved in riots around the Polytechnic and he was present to many “solidarity” events to terrorists of the “Conspiracy of the Fire Nuclei” who are in prison.

What the police is investigating is the possibility that the young man would be the informal leader of a new generation of the “Conspiracy of the Fire Nuclei”, recruited around 2016 and organizer of the branch that sent the parcel-bombs to Greece and Europe.

The police are looking for weapons

The information indicates that the authorities are looking for the weapons and explosives that the 29-year-old suspect and his branch used.

From the evidence until now, it appears that the suspect has been also involved with eight parcel-bombs found at the ELTA sorting center in Kryoneri.

On March 16, a parcel-bomb was posted to the German Finance Ministry and another one exploded at the IMF offices in Paris injuring an employee. The German authorities had identified genetic material and they informed the Greek authorities.

The “Conspiracy of the Fire Nuclei” assumed responsibility for the envelope to Wolfgang Schäuble. On March 20th, a total of eight envelopes trapped with explosives were found at the ELTA sorting center in Kryoneri.